Bachelor's Degree and Foundation Courses in Britain

Over the last 12 years we have helped hundreds of students to join UK Universities and Schools. UKUD has a number of dedicated professional admissions officers and advisors tasked to help students making the right choice when choosing a university or a school in the UK. Based in Nottingham City in the UK we are in the centre of the UK and close to our partner universities.

Some Quick Facts

That you should know

Why Choose the UK to study?

  1. The UK has a number of world Class Universities
  2. Has the best academic standards in the world
  3. Recognised qualifications world-wide
  4. A distinctive academic atmosphere in an industrial country
  5. It has the most famous tourist areas in the world
  6. One of the top safest countries in the world
  7. The duration of study is 3 to 4 years.

Housing costs in Britain

One of the advantages of studying in Britain is that students have several options for housing and accommodation, for example:

Accommodation in a hotel – costs in a normal hotel of about £ 30

University Accommodation (on campus) – the cost is about 150 pounds per week and the price varies if the room is shared

Private House or Apartment – and the costs of about 90 pounds per week and vary from one area to another

Bachelor's Degree Requirement

One of the most important condition for obtaining a university admission on a bachelor’s degree program is to have an appropriate high school certificate and or a foundation certificate.  Students from the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman and Kuwait need to have a suitable High School Certificate (Al Thanaweya). Students who do not meet the English proficiency certificate such as IELTS can still get a conditional offer. Once the student meets the conditions mentioned on the conditional offer, the offer is then changed to unconditional offer. Students with International Baccalaureate Diploma can start from the first year directly without the need of the Foundation program, ie the preparatory year, but it depends on the university selected.

Study costs in Britain

The cost of studying varies from one university to another and from one city to another. London is generally the most expensive city in the UK. Some students prefer to study in cities far away from London such as the North and South of Britain, but we can say that the costs of the bachelor’s degree can cost between 12 thousand to 15 thousand pounds and rises for clinical and medical programs to reach about 40 thousand and may exceed it.

The best cities and universities to study

Universities are spread across all of the UK from the far north to the south. The selection will depend on the course and if the university is accredited by the students home country. All universities recommended to our students are on the recommended and approved list of the Scholarship Authority in the students country. For those who want a particular university, we can also help them in finding an appropriate and suitable university admission.

We will be happy to provide you with the following advice

  • Academic Conditions to study in the UK
  • Requirements for undergraduate admission to British universities
  • Duration of undergraduate study in the UK
  • Bachelor’s study in the UK
  • Cost of studying in the UK.

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