English Programs in the USA

Summer Programs: Dedicated programs for those who have little time but want to study, enjoy and integrate into British society to improve their language.

Short language programs: These English language programs may range from one to four weeks.

General English: These English language programs correspond to the current level of the students level in English and are configured to develop their overall English language skills..

University Preparation Programs: This is an English language program that helps students pass the IELTS exam.

Pre-Sessional Programs: Pre-Sessional courses are taught at universities.

Custom Programs: These programs suit the student’s specific needs and current field.

Some Quick Facts

That you should know

Why Choose USA to Study English?

  • It has the best and most prestigious language schools in the world
  • Academic standards are the best in the world
  • Recognized Qualification
  • A unique academic atmosphere in a country that is the first economically in the world
  • It has many of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • The official language is English

Housing costs in the United States of America

The cost of housing in America varies from one city to another and varies according to the student’s lifestyle. The cost of housing in the Institute’s accommodation differs from that of a Homestay family. The price of accommodation and two meals for a week is about 390 USA dollars. Off campus housing is about $ 500 per week.

Terms and conditions of admission to study English in America

The student will be required to send a copy of his / her passport along with a bank statement to demonstrate his or her financial ability to pay for living and studying in America. Successful completion of the application means that the student obtains a visa for academic studies known as VISA F1. F1 is the most common among students wishing to study in America.

Study costs in America

The costs of the study vary from one institute to another and from city to city. There are thousands of students from the GCC studying in various states in America. We can say that the prices start from about 400 USA dollars per week for about 20 hours study.

The best cities to study English in America

There are more than 50 states in America and each state has many cities. There are many cities where students prefer to study. The United States offers a huge number of English language learning centres. Boston City Institutes, New York City Institutes, Texas City Institutes, Chicago City Institutes, Los Angeles Institutes, Los Angeles Institutes, Washington DC Institutes, VLADEVIA INSTITUTIONS and Atlanta Institutes Baltimore Institutes.

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