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Doctoral degree (PhD) is considered to be one of the highest academic degrees that students can achieve in their academic careers. This level of education qualifies graduates to start their journey in academia or advanced research.

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The definition of a PhD

How long does a PhD study take?

The doctoral program in British universities takes 3 to 4 years and it is mainly a research based. In the last year of study, PhD students are expected to write up a PhD thesis and submit it to the university, pass the PhD viva in order to get the doctorate degree.

What documents are required for PhD study?

Before applying for a PhD, students must have the following documents:

  • Bachelor degree and Master degree with high degree
  • Research proposal
  • Personal statement
  • CV
  • English language proficiency evidence (such as IELTS or Pre-sessional certificate)
  • Two Letters of Academic Recommendation (Reference letters)

How to get a PhD?

The most important factors to obtain a PhD offer are:

  • The availability of your required research area in an accredited university
  • The availability of a qualified academic who is interested to act as a supervisor for your research topic. UKUD will assist you to approach the right academics and you may be asked to attend an interview via Skype before submitting an official application to the university.

Are there any conditions for admission?

The offer letter can be conditional or unconditional. Conditional offers is issued when students do not meet all university entry requirements. Conditions can be English language proficiency, ATAS Certificate, or financial guarantee.

What is the cost of a PhD study in Britain?

The cost of study depends on the university and the research area of study. Some disciplines require the use of laboratories during the research, so additional fees (Bench fees) could be added to the cost of the study. The average annual fees of a PhD research is approximately £ 15,000.

When is the right time to apply for a PhD? When are the study intakes?

You can apply for a PhD at any time during the year. The start date of the study is usually October or January, April of each year, but it is possible to start in any month of the year if your supervisor approves the start date as the doctoral study is research based.

How long does the process of a PhD application take?

After the approval of the principal supervisor, a formal application is submitted to a university. The admission process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks before making a decision.

What is the best UK universities and cities for PhD research?

UK higher education is famous for the high quality research, and British universities are leading in providing high quality research centres and teaching standards in line with top world research centres in USA, France, Germany, Australia, Canada and Malaysia. UK universities are internationally renowned for cutting edge research such as Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Southampton, Glasgow, Durham, Bristol, Edinburgh and London’s prestigious universities. These universities are based in cities that offer all the facilities required by international students and their families such as great transportation network, entertainment centres, restaurants, health centres, hospitals, students’ accommodations and historic tourist sites.

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