Pre-Masters and Masters

Students can choose from thousands of master programs offered by top UK universities covering nearly all major specialisations. The duration of most of the Master programs in the United Kingdom is around one year only.

A Bit About Masters

An introduction into masters programmes

Pre-Masters Courses

A Pre-Masters course represents an excellent step towards preparing for a Masters degree in the future. Undertaking a pre-Masters means you will be able not only to become acquainted with your chosen field of study but will also have an excellent opportunity to decide which Masters course is best for your needs and interests. At the same time, a Pre-Masters course will improve your study skills and enable you to embark on your Masters studies feeling completely comfortable with your subject area. A Pre-Masters course is thus an ideal choice if you do not currently meet the entry level requirements for your intended postgraduate course.

The Pre-Masters course is the perfect way to get you up to speed and prepare you for your Masters degree.

Masters Degrees

Studying for your Masters degree is a big challenge, but so is picking the right course and the right university. If you fail to get either of these two crucial choices right you might very well end up wasting your time and resources! Before starting a Masters degree, it is highly recommended that you seek as much advice as possible. With this in mind, UKUD are here to help.

As with the Bachelors degree programmes, we work with many different universities, all of whom offer a rich variety of different and interesting courses. We only work with institutions that meet international standards, universities that are able to offer students an excellent educational experience as well as equip them for the job market. All of our partner universities are ideally located, offering easy access to urban areas and amenities, as well as the charming and relaxing benefits of famous UK and USA campuses.

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