Clinical Pharmacy

This program is very unique as it gives students holding a Degree in Pharmacy a unique opportunity to study towards a Masters of Clinical Pharmacy also named as Clinical Pharmacy Practice in some of the best universities in Britain in this area in addition, the student will be able to practice in a leading National Health Service hospital in the UK. This program is the outcome of cooperation between one of the best universities in Britain and the Ministry of Health, represented by its regional office.


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Students will spend time in classes and time practising at hospitals simultaneously, by that enjoying the integration of the theoretical study and practical implementation and this is what distinguishes this program as students complete their programme with real practical experience in one of the best countries in the world in the field of health care. At the start of the programme, students will be assigned to practice at a hospital where he/she will spend a period of practical training there and will be part of the medical team at the hospital. This programme is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scholarships in Saudi Arabia.

Lectures are taught in the halls and facilities of the university and are as follows:

Course Material

  • Basic Clinical Treatments
  • Health services and quality improvement
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Advanced Clinical Treatments

How to evaluate a student

Students will be assessed during the course as follows:

Multiple choice questions
Evaluation of daily clinical conditions

Teaching Materials

This section of applied education will be provided in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health and will be counted as a study subject. Among the skills that students will learn through the actual application in the hospital:

  • Basic Clinical Treatments
  • Health Services and Quality Improvement
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Advanced Clinical Treatment
  • Clinical Pharmacy Management

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