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About Us

Our History

UKUD, a team of international educational consultancy specialists, was founded in 2007 by Dr Nagwa Radwan and a board of academics in the United Kingdom. Our head office is based in Nottingham, UK, with a network of agents operating across the Middle East. The directors of the company also regularly visit Middle Eastern countries to meet with students and potential partners. UKUD specialise in three main international activities:

  • Developing international partnerships
  • Professional training
  • Recruiting international students to UK/USA universities by providing a professional and FREE service to students.

UKUD represents several prestigious UK and USA universities and other educational establishments and since 2008, have secured hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate university places for students from the Middle East and beyond.

We are proud of the success that UKUD has achieved in our first 4 years and we look forward to continuing our growth, as well as assisting ever-increasing numbers of students to achieve their ambition of studying at a reputable UK university.

Dr Nagwa Radwan, co-director of UKUD, has a long history in the UK educational sector, having qualified to a PhD level, as well as gaining ample experience in the industry and employed in the High Education Sector. Dr Radwan has extensive first-hand knowledge and experience of the UK University and further education application process and knows what these institutions require of their applicants.

Our Philosophy

YOU Could with UKUD !!

Enabling everyone with a potential to achieve their educational goals regardless of their background or socioeconomic status

Our Principle

Education for all ….

You don’t have to make the journey to university alone. We provide you with an honest, transparent, jargon-free advice and guidance

“We are always here for you … before you start ….. during your study ….. at end of your study”

Key Of Success

We pride ourselves with students’ confidence in our services because of our:

Reliability, Credibility, Efficiency, Expertise and mainly Trust, which are reflected in our growing number of students that we support every year

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